Simple and Smart Hosting

SmartLine streamlines front of house operations by turning your host stand into one powerful yet easy-to-use iPad app.



Place an iPad with the SmartLine waitlist app at the host stand.

Use Waitlist

Add, alert, and seat guests with great speed and efficiency.


Spot trends and learn more by reviewing waitlist stats and usage.


Setup in Minutes

Start by downloading SmartLine from the app store to your iPad. Most people install and have the app ready for hosting within 10 minutes.


Add Guests to SmartLine Waitlist

As guests arrive to your restaurant, simply add them to the SmartLine waitlist by entering their name, party size, and phone number.


Check-In Text

SmartLine automatically sends a text message to each new party confirming they have been added to the waitlist.

This message shows guests their place in line on the waitlist, your restaurants menu, and the CharityWait feature.


Notification Text

As tables open up for seating, a second text message is sent to notify and prompt guests to go see the host.


Seat Guests

SmartLine creates a separate list for seated partys so your host can evaluate customer flow and make changes if needed.

No-shows and cancellations are easily removed and accessible at any time.


Analyze Stats

SmartLine keeps track of your restaurants daily performance and provides custom analytics so you can measure and improve front of house operations.

Receive a free iPad when you sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait.

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