All-In-One Waitlist

SmartLine's features and customizable options help you better manage customer flow and increase guest engagement.

Waitlist Management

Using SmartLine to manage your restaurants waitlist allows your host to easily add, alert, and seat guests while keeping track of walk-ins and reservations side-by-side.

Organized Waitlist

Parties are displayed in numeric order as they are added to the waitlist.


Filter your waitlist by party name, size, or call aheads as needed.

Add Party

Add walk-ins and reservations to the waitlist with the click of a button.


Send table-ready text alerts to guests when their tables are ready.

Seated vs Waiting

See which partys have been seated and which have been waiting, and for how long.


Remove no-shows and cancellations from the waitlist (or message and incentivize them to return).

Merchant Dashboard

The merchant dashboard is an online account where you can tailor the SmartLine waitlist to your restaurant’s needs. Custom settings and analytics are available to help you seat more guests faster.

Secure Login

The dashboard is only accessible by you and designated account managers.

Custom Messages

Setup up custom guest notifications and alerts - along with timing and frequency.

Seating Trends

View the number of guests seated, average wait times, and quote accuracy.

Historical Data

Compare restaurant volume on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Remote View

Watch your restaurants waitlist activity from any location with internet access.


Create promos to reenage and bring back walk aways and cancellations.

Guest Engagement

SmartLine’s simple text-based alerts inform and reassure your guests about their wait status, and provide access to convenient information so they’re less likely to walk away or cancel.

Wait Status

Guests can view their place in line on the waitlist in real time.

Table-Ready Alerts

Guests receive text alerts to go see the host when their tables are ready.


Guests can browse your restaurant’s menu and specials prior to being seated.


Reservation details (time and date) are sent automatically to guests as reminders.

Social Media

Guests can connect to your restaurant on social media.


Guests have the option to "Donate and Skip the Wait." Learn More

Receive a free iPad when you sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait.

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