Getting Started

  • How do I start using SmartLine?

    Begin by creating a Restaurant Account and downloading the SmartLine app from the App Store. If you own an iPad, you can start using SmartLine immediately. A training video and glossary are included in the app to help familiarize you with the waitlist within minutes.

  • Do I have to use an iPad?

    Yes. SmartLine is only available for iPad 2 or newer, running iOS6 or higher - this is the most robust and secure platform. However, if you do not own an iPad, please Contact Us as new restaurants signing up for SmartLine are applicable to receive a free iPad when participating in our CharityWait program.

  • Do my customers need a smartphone for SmartLine to work?

    No. SmartLine sends text messages, so any phone that can receive text messages can be notified. If a customer does not have a phone, you can still use the SmartLine waitlist but those guests will have to remain on-site to be notified the old fashion way.

  • Of course. SmartLine can work alongside pager and buzzer systems, and some of our clients choose this option. Assigning pager numbers is simple with SmartLine's designated page fields.

Using SmartLine

  • Can I customize my text messages?

    Of course! All messages can be tailored to the needs of your establishment. Contact us to learn more about customizing messages.

  • Can I turn off some messages?

    Yes, you can. In your Merchant Dashboard you have the ability to enable or disable messages.

  • What happens if I lose internet connectivity?

    You can still continue to add guests to the waitlist but alerting parties will have to be done the old fashion way until the internet is restored.

  • Why do I need to collect analytics?

    Analytics provide valuable insight about the performance of your establishment, customer demographics and the overall consumer behavior, resulting in improved efficiency and customer service.

  • How many times can I notify a party?

    The magic number is three. In the States, it's two texts and an automated voice message. In Korea, it's three texts. Don't forget to space out your alerts. We recommend 2-4 minutes apart.

  • Can I add a party to the WaitList without a phone number?

    Absolutely! You can add, remove / seat, and track their wait just like anyone else. However, you will not be able to alert them via text message. You will simply notify them the old fashioned way. "Larry, party of two."

  • If you feel you have been waiting too long for a party to return, alert the next party on the list. This will ensure you seat guests quickly and keep tables full. If the party does not return, mark them as "No Show" or "Cancellation. The stats report will track this. If a guest returns late, the host can always restore the guest to the main queue using the "Party Details" tab.


  • How much does SmartLine cost?

    If you choose to activate our CharityWait feature and partner with a charity of your choosing, as long as your restaurant can generate a minimum of $100 in donations per month our system is completely free. For those restaurants that cannot meet this minimum or choose to opt out of the CharityWait functionality SmartLine is $49 per month.

  • Do I have to sign a contract to use SmartLine's service?

    No. SmartLine does not have any long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

  • I only go on wait a couple of times a month. Can I still use SmartLine?

    Yes! Many of of restaurants use our system only a few days per week but they see tremendous value in our system on those busy nights.

  • Yes! We are the business of building relationships. Please Contact Us or call (877) 546-3139 to discuss our Enterprise pricing.


  • What is CharityWait™?

    CharityWait is an exclusive patent pending feature of the SmartLine Guest Management application. CharityWait adds an innovative new option for diners to be seated sooner in exchange for a payment that benefits a selected charitable organization. No guest-reserved tables are taken out of circulation and other walk-in waiting guests will not be displaced either.

  • How does CharityWait work?

    Once a guest is added to a participating CharityWait restaurant’s walk-in wait list they will be sent a text with a link that shows them their spot in line as well as the option to make a contribution that allows them to be seated sooner. If the guest chooses to purchase the available spot then the host will be notified immediately and will alert the guest when the next table suited for their party size is available. There are a limited number of spots available but only one spot is made available at a time. Our algorithm also only allows a spot to become available again only after a certain number of guests have been seated to prevent any disruption to the waiting experience for other waiting guests. The transaction takes place through the secure CharityWait guest web application. The majority of the transaction is allocated to the restaurant’s selected 501(c)3 charity.

  • How is this kept fair to all guests?

    To keep waiting fair for everyone and not disrupt the normal flow of the guest wait, CharityWait uses a patent pending process that ensures guests will not wait any longer than they would have waited if CharityWait was not in use. The amount and frequency of the CharityWait reserved tables are limited and on a first come first serve basis. They also replace a portion of normally occurring no-shows, so act fast if a table is available to purchase! Remember, purchasing a CharityWait spot benefits charity, is a limited opportunity each night, and generates no profit to the restaurant.

  • Does the restaurant profit from CharityWait?

    No, none of the proceeds collected goes to the restaurant. The restaurants using CharityWait have been generous enough to allow SmartLine to offer this service for the benefit of their charity partners and for the convenience of a limited few time crunched “last minute” walk-in diners.

  • How much does CharityWait cost?

    Other than the cost to purchase the CharityWait spot, there is no other cost for a guest to use CharityWait. Restaurants and Charity Partners are not charged anything to use SmartLine or the CharityWait feature. The cost to purchase a premium space varies, and is determined by the restaurant and party size.

  • Do I have to use CharityWait to get a reservation at restaurants that use it?

    If a restaurant is using CharityWait, you can still make a regular reservation via normal methods. No tables have been taken out of or purchased away from the restaurant’s reservation system for CharityWait, and reservations will be as easy to get as they always have been at that restaurant (or as hard to get, depending on the restaurant!) Patrons who don’t want to use CharityWait are still able to wait in line directly and for free at the restaurant, just as they always have.

  • How much goes to charity, really?

    60% of each transaction goes directly to charity, and a receipt can be sent to the guest if requested for tax purposes. A portion of the transaction does go to SmartLine to cover the cost of support, maintenance, and development of this free technology. SmartLine also allocates a portion to educate and partner with additional charities and restaurants so we can continue innovating and supporting the many amazing charitable organizations out there. The rest of the transaction goes directly to pay for third party usage costs such as bank transaction fees, text message fees, hosting fees, legal fees, etc.

  • Why don’t you give 100% of the money to charity?

    The entire SmartLine Guest Management technology being used to manage the restaurant's waiting list and make CharityWait possible is completely free for restaurants, consumers, and charities; but it’s not free for SmartLine to run it. As much as we love being a socially responsible company and giving as much as we can to charity, if we don’t remain profitable, we will be unable to continue offering our service for free and people will suffer. The percentage we collect not only allows us to operate the SmartLine software and power the CharityWait feature, it allows us to continue our work on developing innovative socially responsible enterprise software, with the intent of creating new revenue streams for charitable enterprises.

  • Is my information shared with anyone?

    We never share your information or sell it to any third party. We do not share your information with the restaurant unless you opt in to this. Your payment information is kept completely secure via SSL encryption. We never store your credit card information on our servers. We use a trusted third party processor, Zooz. We provide the donation amount and donor name and email only to the charity named and benefiting in this transaction. You will not receive any promotional information from the restaurant, SmartLine, nor the charity. You will only receive transactional correspondences from SmartLine and possibly the charity receiving your donation. Please refer to our entire privacy policy and terms of service below.

  • Do I have to use CharityWait to get a reservation at restaurants that use it?

    You can still make a regular reservation via normal methods. No pre-reserved tables have been taken out of circulation nor purchased away from the restaurant’s reservation system for CharityWait. Reservations will be as easy to get as they always have been at the restaurant. Guests who don’t want to use CharityWait are still able to wait in line directly, for free.

Receive a free iPad when you sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait.

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