Dining with a Purpose

CharityWait brings restaurants and charities together to support work done by non-profit organizations around the world.


CharityWait is a Patent Pending feature of SmartLine that allows restaurants to offer a limited number of parties on their waitlist a unique opportunity to be seated sooner by making a donation to a charity of the restaurants choice. The option to "Donate and Skip the Wait" is an innovative way for restaurants and their guests to collectively generate awareness and support for work done by non-profit organizations in their communities and around the world.

How It Works

First, a restaurant turns on the CharityWait feature and selects a charity partner from our existing network, or introduces a new charity.

As guests arrive to the restaurant and are added to the SmartLine waitlist, a text message is sent with the option to “Donate & Skip the Wait.”

The first guest to accept the offer is prompted to make a payment and is notified by the host to be seated at the next available table.

Initial Text

When CharityWait is enabled and a party is added to your SmartLine waitlist, a text message is sent notifying the party your restaurant is generously supporting a non-profit organization.

The option to "Donate and Skip the Wait" is also introduced here.


Once a party agrees to donate, they're prompted to make a secure payment via their phone, and are cued to go see the host to be seated.

Your restaurant does not profit from this transaction. 60% of the contribution goes to your selected charity partner, and 40% to SmartLine for operating this feature.

Limited Offer

CharityWait spots are limited and only available to the first party who accepts the offer.

Restaurant owners have full control of the number and frequency of CharityWait offers made available each day.

Seamless Process

Similar to a traditional reservation, the CharityWait feature is designed not to take any tables out of circulation or disrupt the waiting position of other guests on the waitlist.

It also supports the normal flow of your waitlist by replacing a portion of normally occurring no-shows and cancellations.

Benefits of CharityWait

Free iPad

Restaurants who sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait receive a free iPad as our thank you for supporting the program.

Conditions do apply. Please contact us for terms and details.

No Monthly Fees

The cost to use SmartLine without CharityWait varies from $49 to $149 per month. However, SmartLine is completely free for restaurants using CharityWait.

Higher Check Average

A great dining experience starts with being seated quickly. We find that guests who purchase a CharityWait spot and are seated sooner typically spend 29% more per check and more likely to become repeat customers.

Reduced No Shows

The option to "Donate and Skip the Wait" reduces the number of guests who may have left or cancelled by providing an alternative to long wait times - in a way that is beneficial to the restaurant, its guests, and the restaurant's charity partner.

Brand Awareness

Our network of charity affiliates have agreed to introduce and promote their restaurant partners to local donors in effort of fostering new customer relationships and generating more business for the restaurant.

The Greater Good

Being a CharityWait partner means your restaurant has an opportunity to advocate for a charitable cause in a simple, yet highly compelling and effective way. As a socially responsible company, you will be making a real difference in the greater good of helping those who need it most.

Receive a free iPad when you sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait.

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