Optimized Hosting

Unlike traditional hosting solutions, SmartLine is designed for restaurants to operate faster while staying organized.

Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting solutions rely on messy pen and paper waitlists and expensive pager systems. Busy nights not only clutter the lobby and become overwhelming for the host, but the restaurant loses business to walk aways and cancellations as a result of poor table turnover and long wait times.

SmartLine Hosting

SmartLine’s simple solution focuses on letting restaurants manage their waitlist and cater to guests using a platform that is specifically designed to optimize front of house hosting. This results in a more organized staff, faster table turns, reduced wait times, and an overall improved guest dining experience.

Benefits of Hosting
with SmartLine

Organized Front of House

Manage the waitlist and keep track of walk-ins, call aheads, and reservations side-by-side in one app.

Increase Table Turnover

Maximize the number of guests seated each day by streamlining and automating the guest greeting process.

Decrease Ordering Times

Allow guests to view menu items on their phones so they're ready to order before they're even seated.

Reduce Interruptions

Eliminate interruptions to the host by showing parties their place in line on their phones - as it updates in real time.

Lobby Control

With text alerts, guests can wait remotely and not clutter the lobby. No need to shout or search for guests either.

Reengage Walkaways

Indentify and bring back lost customers by sending discounts or offering special promos to return.

Manage Reservations

Capture phone-in reservations and have SmartLine automatically send guests their reservation details via text.

Team Hosting

Access the waitlist using multiple iPads so your staff can notify parties from the floor in addition to the host stand.

Custom Messages & Alerts

Customize all messages and alerts to fit your restaurants brand, and setup promotions to engage customers.

Actionable Data

Track hosting performance and spot trends or potential problem areas by reviewing waitlist stats and usage.

Offline Mode

Use the waitlist as normal even when the internet fails you. All information is updated when connectivity is restored.

No Guest App Needed

SmartLine sends all information via text, so there are no apps your guests have to download to receive messages.

Receive a free iPad when you sign up for SmartLine and participate in CharityWait.

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